You know you’ve lived in England for a while when…

… the water actually tastes like water.

… it feels perfectly normal to pay with pound coins, 2 pound coins, and p’s.

… it is normal to have a ’roast dinner’ every Sunday. – With gravy! … and you eat pudding after (dessert).

… taking a double-decker bus doesn’t seem that special anymore.

… people don’t look at you like you’re a crazy person for eating crisps for lunch, because everybody else does.

… you wait for a person to get off the bus before you go in.

… holding up the door for the person coming after you feels like the most natural thing to do.

… words like ‘bugger,’ ‘lush,’ ‘bloody,’ ‘brilliant,’ ‘lovely’ etc are a part of your vocabulary).

… you say ‘Aaw, bless’ / ‘bless you’ not only when somebody sneezes but also if you think something is ‘cute.’

… American annoys you. It’s not movie and color, it’s film and colour!

… you’ve started writing Mandag instead of mandag (norwegian)

… a jumper is expensive if it costs 20 pounds

… you love watching talent shows such as The Voice, Britan’s Got Talent, X-factor, Dancing on Ice…

… brick houses are the norm.

… you’ve actually realised that it doesn’t rain in the UK all the time, as we are actually having a drought at the moment and have to conserve water.

… it seems like a miracle when you get snow, and you turn into a small child again. You get only 5 cm of snow that lasts for some days, and everybody are so excited, and you go sledging when there is barely any snow left.

… you are worried/hoping that there will be a Snow Day the next day because it’s a bit of snow on the road, and the school will close down for ‘safety reasons.’

… the words ‘thank you,’ ‘sorry’ and ‘please’ are the words most frequently used in your vocabulary

… you say ‘sorry’ even though it wasn’t actually your fault- but you were in the way of someone bumping into you.

… saying “You alright” seems like a perfectly ordinary way of saying hello, and you know how to respond to it (Yea, you? (you might pop in a thank you in there too))

… you know the difference between ‘you alright,’ ‘you ok?,’ and ‘how are you?’

… you’ve started not liking French people… (Or Americans)

… you know what a sausage roll and pasties are

… eating plain bread with cheese without another slice of bread on top seems weird and abnormal- it’s supposed to be a sandwich- cause how in the world would you be able to hold the sandwich without another slice of bread on top?

… it seems weird if the years below you (uniform-kids!) don’t wear a uniform- it unsettles the whole system…

… calling the teachers by their first names seems out of order, you should only call them ‘Mr…’/Sir or ‘Ms…’/Miss.

… doing homework over the weekend is what is expected of you.

… a text message seems incomplete and naked without at least on x on the end of it- the number of x-es increasing with how well you know a person, but not normally exceeding two or three.

… drinking tea without milk is something you’d never do.

… using an ‘x’ as the times sign and ‘.’ as the comma ‘,’ in maths feels like something you have done your whole life.

… a box of chocolate feels like a most adequate present you could give someone for their birthday.

… you constantly have to look up words in the dictionary to find what a word is in Norwegian.


4 thoughts on “You know you’ve lived in England for a while when…

  1. Blir du i England lenger nå, blir du snart mer engelsk enn norsk. Jammen på tide å møte på gamlelandet igjen………….Gleder meg til du kommer! Bare ni dager nå………………….

  2. Hahahah! Dette var helt konge! Dro utveksling til England (Watford, Hertfordshire) et par år tilbake. Lese dette var som om jeg kom tilbake til Norge igår. Håper du hadde et uforglemmelig opphold, for det hadde jeg! Prøv å dra tilbake så mye du kan, for du kommer til å savne alt og alle. Hilsen, ei som vil dra tilbake! 🙂

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